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Analytical Chemistry:
Determination of Salicylic Acid in Topical Face Cream

at Hobart and William Smith Colleges, Chemistry Dept.

February - May 2018

In a group of four students including myself, UV-vis and fluorescence spectroscopy were used to determine the concentration of salicylic acid in Neutrogena Clear Pore® solution by building calibration curves and a standard addition curve. Three independent methods of determining the salicylic acid concentration were developed. This project was created and designed by the group as a part of an analytical chemistry class.

I contributed to all aspects of the project, as work was divided evenly. I made solutions of known concentration of salicylic acid in water and took both florescence and UV-vis spectra of these solutions to create calibration/standard addition curves, helped with the creation of the subsequent graphs, and participated in the analysis of the data.

You can find the poster in PDF form by clicking the picture below.

CHEM 210 Final Project - Copy-1.png
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