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Knife Making and Metal Work

Personal Project


Knives have always been both utilitarian and beautiful tools to me, both in use in the outdoors and during my summer job as dock master at a community sailing center. Since high school, I have been designing, building, and selling knives I make.

The knives shown are cold-worked with subtractive tools (grinders, sanders, drill press), and then heat treated in a home made MAP gas forge, also pictured. Sheaths are made through thermoforming plastics, such as kydex and kydex-like materials.

A working knowledge of many power tools was gained from this experience, as well as metallurgy and heat treatment, and an eye for ergonomic design was developed.


Testing for magnitisim to see if the blade has reached its curie temperature during hardening, an approximate test to see the austinitic temperature in 1084 steel. , an

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