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Featured Engineering Projects.

Summer 2020
Developed a platform to automatically receive, demodulate, and process transient weather satellite signals into near real-time images of the earth.
A successful prototype was developed that can do this task for up to five days, until its battery runs out. 
Transient Weather Satellite Capture
Satellite Systems
Winter 2019
A heart rate monitor was designed out of analog parts from a piezio-electric sensor and built on a breadboard.
Analog signal processing, amplification, filtering, and design were all sills practiced in this project.
Heart Rate Monitor
Analog Design

Spring 2019

Coded VHDL to use an FPGA to take a message inputted by a user and output it as Morse code, via light and sound.
VHDL: Morse Code Translator
Digital Design
Learned how to operate machine shop tools such as lathes, mills, TIG and MIG welding, and CNC routers. Helped researchers and students fabricate their projects, and maintained equipment.
Machine Shop TA
Machining, Maintenance, Instruction
Started Winter 2019

Spring 2019

Used op-amp circuits to construct PID control of an inverted pendulum. This controlled a car's acceleration to balance a stick on a pivot, with a sensor to detect the stick's angular position.
PID Control:
Inverted Pendulum
Control Theory
Designing, building, and heat treating custom knives for personal use and on commission has been a hobby of mine since high school.
and Metalwork
Personal Expression and Design
Ongoing since Spring 2015

Fall 2019

As President of Hobart and William Smith's Engineering Club, I guided a group of 12-16 students in building a garden that monitors and waters itself through Arduino-controlled circuits
Engineering Leadership:
Arduino-Controlled Garden
Project Management, Budgeting, and Planning
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