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Engineering and Knowledge:
Integrating Academia and Other Epistemic Communities

Convergence Symposium

Winter 2021

Gave a 5-minute presentation to about 300 people at the Convergence Symposium, a 3-day event sponsored by Dartmouth College to look at the intersection of STEM and humanities. 

I showcased my project where I created a cheap and accessible platform to receive images of the earth from NOAA and METEOR weather satellites. This project was intended to open up remote sensing, space, and engineering sciences to hobbyists and students. More information can be found about the technical achievements of the project on my "Engineering Projects" page. 

After giving a brief overview of the technical accomplishments, I explored how both academic and informal epistemic communities helped make this project possible in different ways. I then talked about the barriers and separation that exist between the two types of communities, and named the benefits if academia was more open to collaboration with informal epistemic communities. 

My five-minute talk can be found on the right, and the PowerPoint presentation can be downloaded below. 

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