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Talks, Presentations and Symposiums.

Winter 2021

Presented at a symposium sponsored by Dartmouth's Hop Center for the arts, to an audience of about 300 people. Presented on my project of building an accessible platform to receive satellite images, and explored the relationship between informal and academic epistemic communities.
Convergence Symposium
Over the course of five weeks, seven pollutants over five locations were investigated at Hobart and William Smith Colleges. The results were presented to over 30 students and half a dozen faculty. 
Indoor Air Pollution Study
Fall 2019
Two Slit, One Photon Interference
Fall 2019
An exploration of Fraunhofer diffraction and particle-wave duality. 
Designed and proposed a drone system to autonomously collect data and monitor health about water systems, with a focus on learning more about microplastics. My team came in second place. 
HWS Hackathon:
Water Pollution
Fall 2019
IMG_0284 (002).jpg
Finger Lakes Youth Climate Summit

Fall 2019

Presented a project that automated gardening by using an Arduino to control lights and water. Used this to showcase how engineering can help fight climate change, and showed what an engineer's workflow is like ot a group of high school students.
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